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Each month we will include a macProVideo preview training video. Please check it out and if you’d like to browse macProVideo’s thousands of training videos please use the link below.


Scams, Viruses and other Cyberbullies...

Has your computer ever been infected by virus’s or malware? Have you ever had a pop up telling you to call a number because your computer was infected with a virus? I’ll try to......

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Logic X

Apple introduces the new Logic X

Logic Pro X puts a complete recording studio on your Mac.
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The new iPad Pro

Sunrise has the new Apple iPad Pro

With a stunning 12.9-inch fully laminated Retina display and ....
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The new Apple TV

Apple TV, the future of television.

Watching movies, TV shows, and live sports through apps is where....
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The Future of TV
TV is a major part of our lives. We gather around the big screen to experience movies, shows, and events. It has a ....
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Apple announcement
Apple is holding an event March 21st at 10am PST (1pm EST). It will be livestreamed on Apple's...
What is in my computer?
PC’s are made up of several various parts; these parts include but are not limited to: the motherboard, CPU, a heatsink, RAM, a PSU, one or more hard drives, a video card, an optical drive, and a case. In this I will explain what each part is and does.   Read More


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