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What is in my computer?

Author: Harrison T. Greene

PC’s are made up of several various parts; these parts include but are not limited to: the motherboard, CPU, a heatsink, RAM, a PSU, one or more hard drives, a video card, an optical drive, and a case. In this article, I will explain what each part is and does.


This item is the board that all devices in the computer connect to in order to work in unison. This is probably the most important part of the computer, because without it, none of the other devices can communicate with each other.


A CPU or Central Processing Unit, is the piece of hardware on a computer that all instructions for the computer pass through, and all equations are calculated through. A CPU can get very hot very quickly, because so much electricity is passing through it.


A heatsink sits on top of the CPU, with a small layer of thermal paste between it and the CPU, to help conduct heat off of the CPU and into the heatsink, which the heatsink will dispel with the fan that is usually attached to it.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It holds instructions that are waiting to be processed by the CPU.


A PSU or Power Supply Unit, is piece of equipment that provides electricity to all of the components inside a computer, through various cable types.


A Hard Drive Device, or Hard Drive as it is more commonly known, is a piece of equipment that stores all the files on a computer. These files include all the operating system files, all the program files, and all of your personal files as well.

Video Card

A video card is a piece of equipment that allows for more advanced video rendering. It is often useful for games or applications that require more visual processing power than the CPU has.

Optical Drive

An optical drive is used to read CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu-Ray discs.


A case is what houses all the components in one area. Cases come in many sizes and shapes. Ok space cowboys! I hope you learned something useful from my article! If you have any questions about your computer or are looking for a new one, check us out at: https://www.digitalsunrise.com