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1805 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, PA

iPhone Repair

Sally Peters
June 2020

Project Details

Sally accidentally dropped her phone and broke the screen. She made an appointment with Apple. She brought her phone in and after running diagnostics, Sunrise was able to confirm her issue to Apple and repair her phone

Recent Projects

Alex came in because he downloaded an update to his iPhone and it became locked overnight. He brought it in to see if we could do anything for it. We were able to confirm he had an iCloud backup and restored his phone to factory defaults using our Apple software. After that we reloaded his backup on his phone and we were able to get Alex up and running again.

Sharon had her iPhone XR in her pocket and bumped into something and it cracked her phone in 2 places in her pocket. She stopped in to get a price since she didn’t have AppleCare. One of our technicians had time later in the day so she left her phone with us and picked it up later after it was repaired.