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1805 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, PA

Computer Repair

June 2021

Project Details

Thomas had an accident, there was an electrical surge and then his iMac wouldn’t turn on so he called and asked us to take a look at it.

Dave took it apart and was able to find that the surge had damaged his Logic Board. After talking with Thomas, Dave replaced the board and restored the computer from a Time Machine backup that Thomas had prior.

He was able to get his iMac back and running just like the day it left the store.

Recent Projects

Max came in complaining of heating issues. Aaron cleaned all the dust out of his machine, cleaned the fans, and replaced the Heat Sync with a new stronger cooler.

Heather dropped her MacBook off because it was dropped and started saying there was no boot device. Dave took it apart and replaced the hard drive for her and was able to pull previous data and restore it to the new hard drive. 

Sam had a Dell laptop she was using for school but it kept turning off on her and “blue screening”. She brought it in and asked us to take a look at it for her before she had to go back to school as it had all of her documents on it and classwork.

Ian was able to look into the machine and find one of the RAM sticks was bad and causing the system to crash. Once he replaced the bad RAM stick the machine worked normally and was given back to Sam.