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It is already time for our second “ Sunrise Sound Bytes ” newsletter. We have been very busy over the past month. We’ve had a lot of new things happen here at Sunrise since our first newsletter.

Sunrise now has an e-commerce web store where you can purchase computers, TV’s, Ink for your printer and much, much more. Please check it out and let us know what you think. You can find our web store by clicking our logo link at the bottom of this page, or go to If you’d like to purchase something, you may create a secure login account and know that Sunrise is always here to help you with your purchase.

There will be new navigation features added in the coming weeks, so please check back for these changes. We will also be running monthly specials, which we will announce in our newsletter, on Facebook and special advertising.

Our Service department has recently begun repairing iPhones. Up until now, if your iPhone broke, you would have to call Apple and get to one of the Apple stores. Not always an easy task. If your iPhone needs some help, please give us a call and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Also Apple announced a new iPad Pro 9.7” which we have in stock. Thank you for your time, and enjoy our second newsletter,

Eric Good




Each month we will include a macProVideo preview training video. Please check it out and if you’d like to browse macProVideo’s thousands of training videos please use the link below.

Programs to avoid on your Apple computer.

The old saying; “if it’s to good to be true, it probably isn’t any good,” works for a lot of things in life. It is especially true for your apple computer.....

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Verbatim 1TB external HDD

Back up a lifetime’s worth of memories with AirPort Time Capsule, a wireless hard drive.....

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Buffalo 2TB Drivestation 7200RPM

DriveStation™ Axis Velocity HD-LBU3 is an easy to use external hard drive designed for simple and secure storage and backup. ....

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Apple AirPort Time Capsule 2TB

Back up a lifetime’s worth of memories with AirPort Time Capsule, a wireless hard drive that works seamlessly ....

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Monthly Specials.
The new iPad Pro 9.7"

Sunrise has the new Apple iPad Pro

With a stunning 9.7-inch fully laminated Retina display and ....
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Transcend JetDrive
Simply insert JetDrive Lite into the card reader slot on the side of your MacBook and instantly boost your storage capacity ......
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How much RAM is enough?

A question I get asked often while working is, “How much RAM is enough RAM for me?” ......  Read More


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