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And welcome to our July edition of “Sound Bytes”, our Sunrise Computers and Electronics newsletter.

Harrison and I both take a look at Apple and Windows computers, and try to determine which is better. My final conclusion is it just depends on your preference. I’m sold on the idea of Apple for me, and when someone asks, I can explain why it works well for my use. I believe my Apple is a better computer for the things that I personally do.

A few years ago I was approached at a Chambersburg business function by another computer store owner. He proceeded to tell me why PC’s were so much better than Apple with a fair amount of anger in his voice. He told me that Apples just are not as good as what we think they are. I was a little stunned and surprised at first, but as I started to think about things a bit, I was also a little proud. With out knowing it, Sunrise had upset his market. He wasn’t angry at Apple or Sunrise, but angry at the Apple sales that cut into his own computer sales.

A few years ago a Guitar company, PRS was sued by Gibson. Gibson is a big and powerful company, and PRS was a smaller independently owned company. Gibson was mad because they were concerned that a PRS guitar might be confused with a Gibson guitar. No guitarist in their right mind would confuse them. They both stand out on their own, but when Gibson was concerned about loosing sales to PRS they needed to do something. So if your competition is upset, then that means the PRS’s and the Sunrise’s of the world are both doing something right.

Oh, and by the way, PRS won.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the July edition of Sound Bytes,

Eric Good






Each month we will include a macProVideo preview training video. Please check it out and if you’d like to browse macProVideo’s thousands of training videos please use the link below.


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  • 140 Watts
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3-port HDMI switch

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Sabrent 4-port USB hub
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