Is Windows 10 Right for Me?

Author: Harrison T. Greene

So Windows 10 came out on, July 29th, 2015. Chances are if you had an ear to the ground, you may or may not have heard some pros and cons about it. In this article I want to talk to you about what the cons of the new Operating System (or OS), the pros of the OS, and who should or should not use this OS.
So first things first, let’s address the “cons” of this new OS. I know a lot of people may have heard bad things about Windows 10, so let’s address some of those complaints right here and now. The first and foremost complain I hear about Windows 10, is that it is buggy. A lot of people have complained saying it doesn’t work right, or it just won’t work at all. 90% of the people who tell me this however are people who have put Windows 10 on a computer that was not designed to handle Windows 10. The other 10% usually have acquired some virus of sorts that has caused their version of Windows 10 to act buggy in some manner or another, and after I remove those bugs, things tend to work splendidly. The next con is that people say “it doesn’t look right” or “I just don’t like how it feels”. Fortunately for those of you who feel this way, you can get classic shell (here), which does restore the interface to look more like a copy of Windows 7. Another con I hear complained about a lot is that when people upgrade they lose their information. Now this is unfortunate, and there has been a lawsuit levied against Microsoft that was won, so Microsoft has stopped with those “aggressive” upgrade tactics. While unfortunate, you can prevent data loss by backing up your computer, which I will write an article on how to do in the near future. Finally, a con that many people have voiced, that I have voiced as well, is Microsoft’s data collection/telemetry “feature” that appears in Windows 10. Fortunately, there are tools on how to disable this, the best being Barnacules Nerdgasm’s How to Remove Windows Telemetry video (found here). While some of these con’s are major, they can fixed, or changed to suit the user.

An Image of the Windows 10 Desktop

So with all these cons, can there possibly be any pros with Windows 10? Well there are certainly some that can be had. For starters Direct X 12 will be supported on Windows 10. This is kind of big for the game development/software creation community, because this will finally allow multi-threaded rendering in Direct X, a feature that has been sorely missed for some time. Another pro would be Cortana, your new Windows, digital assistant. Now while she is disabled if you disable the telemetry settings, she is a nice feature to have, as she will help you with the weather and many other things with your computer. A new plus is the new interface in Windows 10. It is a combination of the tile system of Windows 8, with the start menu we are all familiar with from Windows 7 and before. A final pro of this system is that it has forced updates. A lot of people viewed this as a downside, however as somebody who works on computers, its nice to see that people now have no choice to update their machines. This makes my life easier because it means that security for everybody is up to date, and working.
So with all of that said, who is Windows 10 for then? I would argue that Windows 10 is best for gaming, and for office use. Having computers constantly update is a great thing for many an IT professional, especially in an office environment. For gamers, Windows 10 is twice as nice, as future games, that have more mainstream Direct X support, will run better on Windows 10. Finally I want to recommend it to you the reader. While Windows 10 is not perfect, it is an improvement from previous Windows systems.

Alright Space Cowboys! I hope you learned something useful today, and if you ever wish to try Windows 10 out, we have several computers here in store for you to test it out on, and you can always have us check if you want, to see if Windows 10 can be installed on your machine if you would like. In any case visit us here in the shop, or online at


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