Computers, Barbecues, and Music.
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Summertime is upon us already. One of the first things I think about is getting back outside, Barbecuing, and enjoying the extended daylight. So, what’s with the title Computers, Barbecue, and Music? Well one of the things I do whenever I have a party, is make sure the music is ready to go. I take my Sonos speakers outside and play an Apple Music channel, Pandora, or another streaming service. Let’s take a little time to look at the process of enjoying music in and outside of your house in todays age.

I still have a turntable, cassette deck, laser disc player, and I might even have an 8 track tape laying around the house, but how often do I use them anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I miss the days of rushing out to snag the first day release of an album, run home and rip the cellophane off. I’d be very delicate and ceremoniously place the record on my turntable, crank it up and sit cross-legged on the floor reading the album cover from front to back. For the most part those days are gone, much to my dismay.

So let’s move forward to today, and go over what’s offered in music services and hardware to play them on. Today you can enjoy any genre of music at your finger tips. I, like most people, have transferred my CD’s and some of my records onto my computer, and consequently to my iPhone and iPad. I usually use Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music in my car and in my home.

I was thinking about trying to do a comparison of services and found it a little overwhelming. To say that you have a lot to choose from, would be an understatement. Take a look at this wiki link.
At the end of the article I’ll include some links for music services too.

This doesn’t even take into account the thousands of internet radio stations out there on the web. You can listen to local stations or listen to stations from around the globe. What I’ve missed in reading the album covers, I’ve made up with the amount of music currently available to me.

So now that I’ve got all this music available what do I listen to it on. Well to start with, I still have my surround sound system hooked up with my turntable and CD player. The current difference is it is also synced to my computer and the internet which allows me to play back my iTunes library and web music services. I’ve signed up for Apple MUSIC so that is usually what I listen to the most.

If you still want great sound, but don’t have a big stereo or surround system, then take a look at Sonos. Sonos makes WiFi speakers that work with your iPhone, computer or iPad to play music from your itunes libary, web music services, and internet radio. They are pricey, but well worth it. They sound wonderful and allow music in any room of the house. I have a link at the end of the article if you’d like to learn more.
Apple’s AirPort Express makes a great way to get music around the house using AirPlay. AirPlay takes the music in your iTunes Library on your computer or iOS device and sends it wirelessly to any connected stereo or amplified speaker in your home. Play music on one set of speakers, or it you have more than one AirPort Express, you can play music on all of them.

Sunrise can also install speakers inside and outside your home using a traditional stereo receiver and speaker selector. If you have a pool or patio, kitchen, family den or office, you may want to consider Polk Audio’s Atrium series speakers. They can be used anywhere, indoors or out. They are available in three different sizes and come in black or white.

Give us a call or stop in and we can customize the music system of your dreams. You may not have cool album covers and liner notes to read, but you certainly have an abundance of music choices to listen to.


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