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Pre-built or Custom Build

Author: Harrison T. Greene

So here’s a question: Should I buy a pre-built PC, or should I spend money on building my own? This is a debatable question that has been asked many times but is hard to answer. The answer is really dependent upon what you think is a better way to spend your money. So in this article, I will go over the pros and cons of both pre-built PC’s and custom build PC’s, and which one I think is a better choice (hint: it’s going to be custom builds).

So let’s start with the computer type that is most common: pre-built PC’s. Pre-built PC’s can serve many purposes. Dell, HP, Acer, Sony and many other companies offer pre-built PC’s. And these computers aren’t necessarily anything to knock on. Many times, I have found, pre-built PC’s are cheap and affordable, and in many cases last a very long time. These kinds of computers are usually very durable, and while not necessarily flashy or very high end, offer a decent amount of processing speed, and storage capabilities to get you through your most basic tasks, and sometimes, even decent gaming. Pre-built PC’s are usually great first time computers, great for when you want to write emails, surf the web, or have a computer that just the kids can use. They are great for a small home or office setting, especially if you are very budget conscious. It’s usually not that hard to find a refurbished pre-built for $150 that can last you for the next few years.

Before I continue, you should probably know that I have quite a bias when it comes pre-built or custom PC’s. In my eyes, nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the thrill of building and owning a custom built PC. Choosing and picking the right parts for the machine, to me is just the most fun thing you can do over a weekend. Custom builds usually start at around $500, but will last you a long, long time. When you build a custom PC, you can tailor the specs to your exact needs. You also have several major companies to choose parts from, that each have great features that can be added to your PC. Of course nothing is as fun or as thrilling as building a $2500 beast of machine, with custom water cooling, a huge glass custom case, with custom lighting, and custom colored fans, and an endless supply of hard drives and optical drives, and a near limitless number of USB slots to plug anything into. To me, custom builds are just the best things ever, because to me, the beast you build in a custom build, always seems to be a bit of a reflection of the person who decides what should be in the build. It is in my eyes, the ultimate form of self-expression in the PC community.

The bias aside, I would like to say in conclusion, that when choosing between a pre-built machine, or a custom build, it’s really up to you to decide what the best decision is. I know most people aren’t really willing to plunk down $500 on a machine that they don’t always use. Therefore many times the best decision really is a pre-built machine. If you have a small home or office, or you’re just buying a computer for the kids to mess about on, or you’re just really budget conscious, a prebuilt machine is often the way to go. But if you want a machine tailored to your specific needs, like needing an extra set of hard drives to back up your information to, or you just want a sweet gaming rig, or maybe you’re just starting out as a computer hobbyist, a custom build is probably your best bet. Like I said before, it’s really up to the person who is buying the computer, to decide what is best.
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